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This function gets the message that should go into the Input Method Editor (IME) translation buffer in order to clear the field that the user is typing in. This is triggered by press-and-hold of the Back button.

HRESULT SHImeGetClearMessage(
   HIMC himc,
   UINT *pMsg,
   WPARAM *pWParam,
   LPARAM *pLParam


  • himc
    [in] Handle to the input context.
  • pMsg
    [out] Pointer to the message identifier.
  • pWParam
    [out] Pointer to the message wParam.
  • pLParam
    [out] Pointer to the message lParam.

Return Values

Positive HRESULT values indicate success. Negative HRESULT values indicate an error.


Smartphone: Windows Mobile 5.0 and later.
OS Versions: Windows CE 5.01 and later.
Header: Aygshell.h
Library: Aygshell.dll

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