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This function gives the shell a bitmap containing icons which the shell will use to draw the status icon when in a custom input mode.

HRESULT SHImeSetCustomInputIcons(
   HBITMAP hbm


  • hbm
    [in] Handle to a bitmap that contains the icons.

Return Values

Positive HRESULT values indicate success. Negative HRESULT values indicate an error.


The bitmap is a monochrome mask, H pixels high by H*N pixels wide, where N is the number of icons, and H is 16 at 96 dpi and 22 at 131 dpi.


Smartphone: Windows Mobile 5.0 and later.
OSĀ Versions: Windows CE 5.01 and later.
Header: Aygshell.h
Library: Aygshell.dll

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