This method initializes a newly created GPESurf object.

void GPESurf::Init(
  int width,
  int height,
  void* pBits,
  int stride,
  EGPEFormat format


  • width
    [in] Width in pixels of the surface to be initialized.
  • height
    [in] Height in pixels of the surface to be initialized.
  • pBits
    [in] Pointer to the memory to be associated with this surface.
  • stride
    [in] Number of bytes between rows in the surface.
  • format
    [in] Pixel format for the surface.

Return Values



The is generally not called directly by a display driver.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Gpe.h.
Link Library: Gpe_lib.lib.

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