This structure is passed to the IDirectMusicStyle::GetTimeSignature method to retrieve information about a style's time signature. It is also used in the DMUS_RHYTHM_PARAM structure and in the various GetParam methods when the rguidType parameter is GUID_TimeSignature and the track is a time signature or style track.

typedef struct _DMUS_TIMESIGNATURE {
  MUSIC_TIME mtTime;
  BYTE bBeatsPerMeasure;
  BYTE bBeat;
  WORD wGridsPerBeat;


  • mtTime
    Music time at which this time signature occurs.
  • bBeatsPerMeasure
    Top of time signature.
  • bBeat
    Bottom of time signature.
  • wGridsPerBeat
    Grids (subdivisions) per beat. This value determines the timing resolution for certain music events — for example, segments cued with the DMUS_SEGF_GRID flag. For more information, see DMUS_SEGF_FLAGS.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and Windows CE .NET 4.1.
Header: Dmusici.h.

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