AnimationController.KeyTrackEnable(Int32,Boolean,Double) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Sets an event key that enables or disables an animation track.


Visual Basic Public Function KeyTrackEnable( _
    ByVal track As Integer, _
    ByVal newEnable As Boolean, _
    ByVal startTime As Double _
) As Integer
C# public int KeyTrackEnable(
    int track,
    bool newEnable,
    double startTime
C++ public:
int KeyTrackEnable(
    int track,
    bool newEnable,
    double startTime
JScript public function KeyTrackEnable(
    track : int,
    newEnable : boolean,
    startTime : double
) : int;


track System.Int32
Identifier of the animation track to modify.
newEnable System.Boolean
Set to true to enable the animation track. Set to false to disable the animation track.
startTime System.Double
Global time key that specifies the global time at which the change will occur.

Return Value

Priority blend event. If the track is invalid, a value of 0 is returned.