Track Parameter Types

The track parameter that is being set or retrieved by one of the SetParam or GetParam methods is identified by a GUID in the rguidType parameter of the method. Each parameter that requires data is associated with a particular data type, and pParam must point to a variable or structure of this type. In some cases, part of the data structure must be initialized even when calling GetParam.

The predefined parameters are listed in the following table, which links you to tables with more detailed information about each parameter. In the detailed tables, pParam and mtTime refer to the parameters of the various GetParam and SetParam methods. Although parameters are always associated with particular track types, you will usually call the method on the segment or the performance and let DirectMusic find the appropriate track. For more information, see Identifying the Track.

GUID_ChordParam GUID_EnableTimeSig
GUID_Clear_All_Bands GUID_IDirectMusicBand
GUID_CommandParam GUID_IDirectMusicChordMap
GUID_CommandParam2 GUID_IDirectMusicStyle
GUID_ConnectToDLSCollection GUID_MuteParam
GUID_Disable_Auto_Download GUID_RhythmParam
GUID_DisableTempo GUID_SeedVariations
GUID_DisableTimeSig GUID_StandardMIDIFile
GUID_Download GUID_TempoParam
GUID_Enable_Auto_Download GUID_TimeSignature
GUID_EnableTempo GUID_Unload

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