UnsafeNativeMethods.Vector3.LengthSq(Vector3) Method (Microsoft.DirectX)

Returns the square of the length of a 3-D vector.

Note: For programming in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Microsoft JScript .NET, use the equivalent method in the Microsoft.DirectX structures.


Visual Basic Public Shared Function LengthSq( _
    ByVal pSource As Vector3 _
) As Single
C# public static float LengthSq(
    Vector3 pSource
C++ public:
static float LengthSq(
    Vector3 pSource
JScript public static function LengthSq(
    pSource : Vector3
) : float;


pSource Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3
Source Vector3 structure.

Return Value

A SingleLeave Site value that contains the vector's squared length.

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