NdisDprAllocatePacket allocates and initializes a packet descriptor. Because Windows CE does not support DPC IRQL, all NdisDprXXX functions perform identically to the non-DPR equivalent.

VOID NdisDprAllocatePacket(
  NDIS_HANDLE PoolHandle


  • Status
    [out] Pointer to a caller-supplied variable in which this function returns the final status of the request.
  • Packet
    [out] Pointer to a caller-supplied variable in which this function returns a pointer to the allocated packet descriptor.
  • PoolHandle
    [in] Specifies the handle returned by a preceding call to NdisAllocatePacketPool.

Return Values

The following table shows the return values for this function

Value Description
NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS The caller can use the packet descriptor returned at Packet.
NDIS_STATUS_RESOURCES The free list for the packet pool currently has no available entries. A subsequent call to NdisDprFreePacket or NdisFreePacket will return the given entry to the free list. The variable at Packet is set to NULL.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Ndis.h.

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