This function retrieves a handle to the NIC miniport driver that owns the adapter port that is referenced by a caller-supplied handle.

VOID NdisGetDriverHandle(
  PNDIS_HANDLE NdisBindingHandle,
  PNDIS_HANDLE NdisDriverHandle


  • NdisBindingHandle
    [in] Points to a handle to the bound adapter port for which a handle to the NIC miniport driver is to be retrieved. Typically, NdisBindingHandle is returned by NdisOpenAdapter.
  • NdisDriverHandle
    [out] Points to a caller-supplied variable. If the call succeeds, NdisGetDriverHandle returns a handle to a NIC miniport driver in this caller-supplied variable. This miniport driver exports the bound adapter port that is specified by NdisBindingHandle.

Return Values



An adapter port is exposed in the NdisBindingHandle binding. A protocol driver uses NdisGetDriverHandle to retrieve a handle to the NIC miniport driver that owns this adapter port. The protocol driver cannot use the handle to the NIC miniport driver for any purpose other than identifying the NIC miniport driver for a given binding.

A protocol driver retrieves the same handle to the NIC miniport driver in NdisDriverHandle for all bindings to adapter ports that are exported by the same miniport. A protocol driver typically uses NdisGetDriverHandle to check if the same miniport owns two bound adapter ports that were opened by the protocol.

To flush the FFP state on all adapter ports that are associated with a NIC miniport driver, a protocol driver sends just one OID_FFP_FLUSH request to the NIC miniport driver.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Ndis.h.

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