This function retrieves a packet that was received from the underlying driver.

PNDIS_PACKET NdisGetReceivedPacket(
  PNDIS_HANDLE NdisBindingHandle,


  • NdisBindingHandle
    [in] Specifies the handle that was returned by NdisOpenAdapter that identifies the target NIC or the virtual adapter of the underlying driver to which the calling driver is bound.
  • MacContext
    [in] Specifies a context handle that the underlying driver associates with the packet received from the network. This handle was passed as an input parameter to the calling driver's ProtocolReceive function. This handle is opaque to the calling driver and reserved for use by the underlying driver that made the indication.

Return Values

Returns a pointer to a packet descriptor that contains data that was received on the underlying driver.


Several protocol or intermediate drivers can be bound to a single underlying NIC, and each such driver can receive an indication for the same packet. Such a packet is read-only to these drivers. Each driver's ProtocolReceive function determines whether to call NdisGetReceivedPacket to retrieve the indicated packet.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Ndis.h.

See Also

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