This function releases a previously registered intermediate driver.

VOID NdisIMDeregisterLayeredMiniport(
  NDIS_HANDLE DriverHandle


Return Values



An intermediate driver that called NdisIMRegisterLayeredMiniport from its Initialization of NDIS Protocol Drivers routine must call NdisIMDeregisterLayeredMiniport when it cleans up the resources it allocated before it is unloaded. If the intermediate driver encounters a fatal initialization error within its DriverEntry routine, such as an inability to obtain system resources, it must call NdisIMDeregisterLayeredMiniport.

The NdisIMDeregisterLayeredMiniport function is the reciprocal of NdisIMRegisterLayeredMiniport. An intermediate driver typically calls NdisIMDeregisterLayeredMiniport from its ProtocolUnbindAdapter function, when the underlying NIC to which the driver was bound is being removed from the system, possibly because the NIC is being reconfigured.

The call to NdisIMDeregisterLayeredMiniport causes a call to the intermediate driver's MiniportHalt function after NDIS informs all higher-level protocols that previously bound themselves to the intermediate driver's virtual NIC that they must unbind.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Ndis.h.

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