This method loads a media file.

  LPCOLESTR pszFileName,
  const AM_MEDIA_TYPE* pmt


  • pszFileName
    [in] Absolute path of the file to open.
  • pmt
    [in] Media type of the file. This can be NULL.

Return Values

Returns an HRESULT value that depends on the implementation. HRESULT can be one of the following standard constants or other values not listed.

Value Description
E_FAIL Failure.
E_POINTER Null pointer argument.
E_INVALIDARG Invalid argument.
E_NOTIMPL Method is not supported.
S_OK or NOERROR Success.


This is an initialization method for the interface. It is not designed to load multiple files, and any calls to this method after the first call will fail.

You should implement this method to load the file specified by pszFileName.

The name in pszFileName need not actually be a disk file name (that is, one you could pass to the Win32 CreateFile function, for example). It could also be a URL name. The URL moniker filter uses IFileSourceFilter to retrieve its URL name, and IGraphBuilder::AddSourceFilter (and hence IGraphBuilder::RenderFile) handles this correctly. IGraphBuilder::AddSourceFilter returns a specific error (ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) upon not finding the file, which indicates that the file specified does not exist and not that the filter does not exist.


DirectShow applications and DirectShow filters have different include file and link library requirements. See Setting Up the Build Environment for more information.

OS Versions: Windows CE 2.12 and later. Version 2.12 requires DXPAK 1.0 or later.

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