Application Implementation

The resource DLL for an application must have the same name as the application with the ".xxxx.MUI" suffix added, where xxxx is the 4-digit hexadecimal locale code for the resource language. For example an application called MYAPP.EXE that supports US English, French and Japanese, would supply DLLs named

MYAPP.EXE.0409.MUI      (resources in English)
MYAPP.EXE.040C.MUI      (resources in French)
MYAPP.EXE.0411.MUI      (resources in Japanese)

Note   Despite the .MUI extension, the file is a DLL that has no code and only resources. Because a device may have multiple such MUI DLLs, one for each language, it is important to keep these DLLs small. It is crucial that they contain only localizable resources, not bitmaps, icons, or other large resources.

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