ActiveSync Implementation Considerations

The following table shows the Sysgen variables that control the ActiveSync features.

Sysgen variable Description
SYSGEN_AS_BASE Adds base synchronization components and the application installer and uninstaller.
SYSGEN_AS_FILE Adds the file synchronization component.
SYSGEN_AS_MAIL Adds synchronization for Inbox mail component.
SYSGEN_AS_PIM Adds synchronization for Inbox contacts, tasks, and appointments.

By default, Repllog.exe is set up to be notified of any communications port events (NOTIFICATION_EVENT_RS232_DETECTED). If the driver sends this event, Repllog.exe starts automatically with the default parameters, as defined in the following section of datasync.db.

Record :
Field : 0001001f : "repllog.exe"
Field : 0002001f : "AppRunAtRs232Detect"
Field : 00030013 : 9

If you do not need the AutoNotify feature, remove this entry.

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