Cryptography Overview

The Cryptography feature for Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET provides services that enable application developers to add security to applications using cryptography. It includes functionality for encoding to and decoding from ASN.1, for hashing, encrypting, and decrypting data, for using digital certificate, and for managing certificates.

Feature Summary

The following table shows operating system design information for Cryptography.

Element Information
Dependencies Smart Card CSP requires the smart card resource manager module and CryptoAPI 1.0.
Hardware considerations None.

Modules and Components

The following table shows the components and modules that implement Cryptography.

Item Module Component
Cryptography Services (CryptoAPI 1.0 with High Encryption Provider) coredll, rsaenh coredll module: cryptapi
Certificates (CryptoAPI 2.0) msasn1, crypt32 None
Low Encryption Provider (Microsoft Base Cryptographic Service Provider) rsabase None
Smart Card Encryption Provider scwcsp, scwapi, scwcspgui None

Application Development Topics

Microsoft Cryptographic System


Protected Store

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Cryptography Registry Settings

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