Adding Television-Style Navigation to a Browser

The following table shows the user interface (UI) navigation aids for your browser-based application that are included when you add the Television-Style Navigation Components (SYSGEN_TVLENS_ALL) to your project.

Navigation aid SYSGEN_FLAG Description
Fixed-Width Layout SYSGEN_TVLENS_FWL Reformats Web pages on the client to eliminate horizontal scrolling. The white space between objects or within columns on tables is eliminated and images are compressed. Multiple scrolling areas (frames) are reformatted to fit the fixed widths of the individual scrolling objects.
Directional Tabbing SYSGEN_TVLENS_DTA Enables a spatial navigation system that is based on the location of selectable objects relative to each other, rather than on the HTML design of the page. In addition, the browser displays a yellow rectangle around the selectable element that currently has focus.
Disable Vertical Scroll Bar SYSGEN_TVLENS_NOVSCRL Disables vertical scroll bars. Vertical scroll bar events are available, and applications that host the browser can provide a scroll indicator user interface element to replace the scroll bars.

You can set SYSGEN_TVLENS to include the module without enabling any of the Tvlens features. To enable an individual feature, set the SYSGEN for that feature. You can edit the system registry to enable or disable individual Tvlens features.

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