This structure contains information about the capabilities of the specified LED.

  UINT LedNum;
  INT OffOnBlink;
  LONG TotalCycleTime;
  LONG OnTime;
  LONG OffTime;
  INT MetaCycleOn;
  INT MetaCycleOff; 


  • LedNum
    LED number. The first LED is zero (0).

  • OffOnBlink
    Current setting. The following table shows the defined values.

    Value Description
    0 Off
    1 On
    2 Blink
  • TotalCycleTime
    Total cycle time of a blink, in microseconds.

  • OnTime
    On time of the cycle, in microseconds.

  • OffTime
    Off time of the cycle, in microseconds.

  • MetaCycleOn
    Number of on blink cycles.

  • MetaCycleOff
    Number of off blink cycles.


The NLedGetDeviceInfo and NLedSetDevice functions use this structure.

The caller should first get the number of notification LEDs on the system. This is usually 1 but may be zero (0) and could be greater than 1. The caller should fill in Lednum and then call NLedDriverGetDeviceInfo. LED numbering starts at zero (0).

The hardware may have some minimum on or off time, so setting the OnTime or OffTime fields to zero (0) may still result in a non-zero on or off time.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Nled.h.

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