This function checks power for a requested configuration.

BOOL HcdPdd_CheckConfigPower(
  UCHAR bPort,
  DWORD dwConfigPower,
  DWORD dwTotalPower 


  • bPort
    [in] Root hub port number.
  • dwConfigPower
    [in] Power, in milliamps, required by the configuration being checked.
  • dwTotalPower
    [in] Power, in milliamps, drawn by other devices on this port.

Return Values

TRUE indicates that the USB system supports the configuration. FALSE indicates that a configuration is not supported.


When a device is initially attached to the bus, the host controller interface selects a configuration, based on the power requirements of the system by calling this function for each configuration until one that is supported is found. If no configurations in a device are supported, the device is not configured.

This enables the platform to perform additional processing if necessary, such as checking whether the Windows CE–based platform is using batteries or external power, or possibly sampling the current system power status.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Ohcdddsi.h or Uhcdddsi.h.

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