Running Cetsc.exe

The Windows CE Terminal Services Client (CETSC), Cetsc.exe, is software that enables the Windows CE device to access Windows-based applications on the Terminal Server.

cetsc.exe [<connection file>] [/v:<server[:port]>] [/console] | /?


  • connectionFile
    Specifies the name of an RDP configuration file for the connection.
  • /v:server[:port]
    Specifies the remote computer and, optionally, the port number to which you want to connect.
  • /console
    Connects to the console session of the specified Windows 2000 server.
  • /?
    Displays a help message that shows the syntax and describes the options for CETSC.


You must be an administrator on the server to which you are connecting to create a remote console connection.

The following example shows how to use the connection file that is in the root directory:

cetsc.exe <connection file>.rdp /v:<server name>

If the connection file is not in the root directory, you must specify the path of the file. The following example shows how to use specify the path:

cetsc.exe \Windows\<connection file>.rdp /v:<server name>

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