Remote Desktop Protocol Implementation Considerations

The following Sysgen variables control the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) features listed.

Sysgen variable Feature
SYSGEN_RDP Adds base RDP components, the CETSC executable, and the MSTSCAX ActiveX dynamic-link library (DLL).
SYSGEN_RDP_AUDIO Enables audio redirection from the server to the RDP client.
SYSGEN_RDP_PRINTER Enables local printer redirection from the server to the RDP client.
SYSGEN_REDIR Enables network printer redirection.
SYSGEN_RDP_SMARTCARD Enables smart card redirection for terminal server login and application usage. All the supported smart card drivers include this variable.
SYSGEN_RDP_PORT Enables serial and parallel port redirection.
SYSGEN_RDP_CLIPBOARD Enables cut, copy, and paste clipboard redirection.
SYSGEN_RDP_UI Enables user interface dialog boxes.
SYSGEN_RDP_DRIVE Enables file storage redirection.

Note The default Windows CE Terminal Server Client (CETSC) bitmaps are based on Windows XP themes and therefore have a large memory footprint. The CETSC bitmaps have been moved to a separate library, arcxpui, that can be selected optionally to obtain the Windows XP user interface (UI). Without the arcxpui library, the autoreconnect will display a conventional Win32 dialog box.

There is no noticeable reduction in size because the default build retains the Windows XP User Interface by default. OEMs who want to reduce the size can remove the arcxpui library from CETSC_COMPONENTS in cesysgen.bat.

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