Replacing the WinInet User Interface

The Resources and Resource Editors are used to make simple changes to the text strings in Windows CE dialog and message boxes and to create new dialog boxes.

However, there may be situations where you need to change not only the content of a system message, but the actions taken in response to a message. For example, instead of presenting a dialog box that requires a user to choose an action, you may want the system to take a predetermined action and provide a message to the user. The replaceable user interface component of WinInet enables you to write code that intercepts WinInet messages and handles them appropriately for a particular user scenario. You do this by modifying and recompiling the dynamic link library file, wininetui.lib. Source code for the wininetui library is located in the Public\IE\Oak\Wininetui folder. Source code for a sample custom user interface is located in %WINCEROOT%\Public\IE\Oak folder.

Your custom error- and message-handling code is implemented through two callback functions: IsDialogBoxHandled and IsMessageBoxHandled. Before WinInet opens a message or dialog box, it calls the appropriate callback function with a handle to the parent window for the message or error. If the function returns ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, WinInet proceeds with its own message or dialog box.

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