Smart Card Implementation Considerations

The Windows CE implementation of the Windows for Smart Card CSP is designed to be compatible with the Windows for Smart Card CSP released for the desktop Windows. However, there is a limitation in the design of the desktop Windows for Smart Card CSP that prevents a smart card with a generated public key from being used on a different computer, unless the KP_CERT property is set on the key. This limitation stems from the fact that the desktop CSP saves the public key in the system registry and not on the smart card. Therefore, to use the key pair created by the desktop CSP on a different system, the corresponding certificate should first be generated and saved to the card; then, the Windows for Smart Card CSP can extract the public key from the certificate on the card.

The keys generated by the Windows CE for Smart Card CSP on one Windows CE system can be used on a different Windows CE system because the Smart Card CSP automatically saves a copy of the public key to the card in a recoverable form.

The following table shows the Sysgen variables for the Smart Card.

Sysgen variable Description
SYSGEN_CRYPTO_SCWCSP Adds the smart card cryptographic service provider for Windows Powered Smart Cards.
SYSGEN_SMARTCARD Adds the core components for enabling Smart Card support on the platform.

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