SNTP Implementation Considerations

Windows CE supports both client and server implementations of SNTP. You can use the client implementation of SNTP to synchronize the clock on your Windows CE-based device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA). You can use the server implementation of SNTP in a Windows CE-based gateway that also provides other services to clients, such as network address translation (NAT).

You should implement SNTP clients at the leaves of the subnet where no NTP or SNTP client is dependent on another SNTP client for synchronizing. You should use SNTP servers only at the root of the subnet and only when no other source of synchronization other than a reliable radio or modem time service is available.

The following table shows the Sysgen variables that implement the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Service feature.

Sysgen variable Description
SYSGEN_TIMESVC When this variable is set, the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Service feature is included in the OS image.

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