This structure contains the characteristics of one of the PC Card voltage sources, Vcc, Vpp1, or Vpp2. The PARSED_CFTABLE structure uses the POWER_DESCR structure to define its VccDescr, Vpp1Descr, and Vpp2Descr members.

typedef struct { 
  UINT16 ValidMask; 
  UINT16 NominalV; 
  UINT16 MinV; 
  UINT16 MaxV; 
  UINT16 StaticI; 
  UINT16 AvgI; 
  UINT16 PeakI; 
  UINT16 PowerDownI; 


  • ValidMask
    Specifies a bitmask identifying the members in the POWER_DESCR structure containing valid values. A CISTPL_CFTABLE_ENTRY tuple might not include all seven power characteristics. If the first bit of ValidMask is 1, the NominalV member contains a valid voltage. If the following bit is 1, the MinV member is valid, and so on. The upper eight bits indicate whether or not the voltage indicated is available on the adapter.
  • NominalV
    Specifies the nominal operating supply voltage.
  • MinV
    Specifies the minimum operating supply voltage.
  • MaxV
    Specifies the maximum operating supply voltage.
  • StaticI
    Specifies that continuous supply current is required
  • AvgI
    Specifies that maximum current averaged over 1 second is required.
  • PeakI
    Specifies that maximum current averaged over 10 milliseconds is required.
  • PowerDownI
    Specifies that power-down supply current is required.


Voltages are expressed in one-tenth volt increments, so a value of 50 represents 5 volts. The currents are expressed in milliamps.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Tuple.h.

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