This function sends a buffer of raw data to a particular system on the server side.

BOOL KatoSendSystemData( 
  HKATO hKato, 
  DWORD dwSystemID, 
  LPCVOID lpcvBuffer, 
  DWORD dwSize 


  • hKato
    Handle to a CKato object.
  • dwSystemID
    Unique identifier that identifies the data. Only systems that recognize this identifier value accept and process the data.
  • lpcvBuffer
    Pointer to a buffer of system-dependent data.
  • dwSize
    Size, in bytes, of the data pointer to lpcvBuffer. This value cannot exceed KATO_MAX_DATA_SIZE.

Return Values

Nonzero if successful; otherwise, zero.


With this function, you can use Kato for additional tasks besides text logging. Systems can be written to perform such features as data analysis, code profiling, statistics, graphing, and so on. This function provides the ability to transfer raw data to the server where it can be interpreted by systems that understand the format of the data.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Kato.h.
Link Library: Kato.lib.

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