This method creates an IRTCSession2 instance of type PC_TO_PC. To create the session, this method specifies SDP information in a call to IRTCClient::CreateSession, inherited by IRTCClient2. Alternatively this method can call IRTCClient2::CreateSessionWithDescription. The particular call depends on the way RTC was initialized.

HRESULT CreatePCToPCSession( 
  IRTCClient2* piClient, 
  IRTCProfile* piProfile,
  IRTCSession2** ppiSession


  • piClient
    [in] Pointer to the IRTCClient2 interface.
  • piProfile
    [in] Pointer to the IRTCProfile interface.
  • ppiSession
    [out] Pointer to an IRTCSession2 pointer that receives the session. This method adds a reference to the object. The caller is responsible for releasing this reference.

Return Values

If the HRESULT value passed to SUCCEEDED macro returns TRUE, the method succeeded. Otherwise, the method failed.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.2 and later.
Header: Voipmediamanager.idl.
Link Library: Voipguid.lib.

See Also

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