The media type constants describe the media streams available. The media type constants are used by the IRTCClient::PreferredMediaTypes, IRTCClient::SetPreferredMediaTypes, and IRTCClient::MediaCapabilities methods. The following table shows the RTCMT_ media type constants.

Value Description
RTCMT_ALL = 0x0000001F All media types are used.
RTCMT_ALL_RTP = 0x0000000F The media type is RTP.
RTCMT_AUDIO_RECEIVE = 0x00000002 The media type is audio receive.
RTCMT_AUDIO_SEND = 0x00000001 The media type is audio send.
RTCMT_T120_SENDRECV = 0x00000010 The media type is T120 send or receive.
RTCMT_VIDEO_RECEIVE = 0x00000008 The media type is video receive.
RTCMT_VIDEO_SEND = 0x00000004 The media type is video send.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Rtccore.h.

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