Checks that all the requested capabilities are among the flags in m_dwSeekingCaps.

HRESULT CheckCapabilities(
DWORD *pCapabilities );


  • pCapabilities
    Pointer to a DWORD containing the desired seeking capabilities flags in m_dwSeekingCaps. This value can be any combination of the following flags.
    • AM_SEEKING_CanGetCurrentPos
    • AM_SEEKING_CanGetDuration
    • AM_SEEKING_CanGetStopPos
    • AM_SEEKING_CanPlayBackwards
    • AM_SEEKING_CanSeekAbsolute
    • AM_SEEKING_CanSeekBackwards
    • AM_SEEKING_CanSeekForwards

Return Values

Returns E_POINTER if pCapabilities is not a valid pointer, S_OK if all the requested capabilities in pCapabilities are supported, or S_FALSE if they are not.

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