Stops playback of the current clip.

Compatibility: Windows Media Player, ActiveMovie

MediaPlayer.Stop( )

Return Values

No return value.


If the value of the SendPlayStateChangeEvents property is true and the file is not currently stopped, calling this method causes a PlayStateChange event to occur.

Calling this method results in the following behavior:

  • If the file is seekable, the current position does not change. It is identical to calling the Pause method.
  • If the file is not seekable, the current position is changed to zero: the beginning of the clip.
  • If the AutoRewind property is set to TRUE, the current position is set to the beginning of the clip.

This behavior is different than pressing the stop button on the Microsoft® Windows Media™ Player application, which always resets the current position to zero. To halt a play operation without changing the current position no matter how the file is encoded, use the Pause method.

This method causes the Windows Media Player control to release any system resources it is using, such as the audio device.

This method also resets the Rate property to the default value of 1.0.

See Also

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