BizUser Class

The BizUser class contains methods that you can use to manage users.

There are no properties for this class.


[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Class BizUser
   Inherits System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol
public class BizUser : System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol
public __gc class BizUser: public System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol

The BizUser class exposes the following methods.

Method Description
Create Creates a user.
CreateAndRetrieve Creates a user and then retrieves this user.
CreateUserSettings Creates the user settings for the specified user.
DeleteUserSettings Deletes the user settings for the specified user.
Disable Disables a user. The user cannot log on after being disabled.
Enable Enables a user. The user is able to log on.
ReassignObjects Reassigns all objects that are owned by the specified user to another team or user.
ReassignObjectsAndDelete Not supported in this version.
RemoveParent Removes the parent user for the specified user.
Retrieve Retrieves user information.
RetrieveAllChildUsers Retrieves all users in the reporting hierarchy for the specified user.
RetrieveBusiness Retrieves the business information for the specified user.
RetrieveChildUsers Retrieves the users that are below the specified user in the hierarchy.
RetrieveParent Retrieves information about the parent user.
RetrieveTeams Retrieves the list of teams of which the specified user is a member.
RetrieveUserSettings Retrieves the user settings for the specified user.
SetBusiness Moves the user to a different business unit.
SetParent Sets a new parent user for the specified user.
Update Updates user information.
UpdateAndRetrieve Updates user information and then retrieves it.
UpdateUserSettings Updates the user settings for the specified user.
WhoAmI Retrieves user information for the logged on user.


Namespace: Microsoft.Crm.Platform.Proxy

Assembly: Microsoft.Crm.Platform.Proxy.dll

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