Workflow Process Instance Privileges

The following table lists the privileges for this object. The role names are abbreviated. See Appendix A for the complete names.

Privilege name Privilege GUID Allowed Scope Access right CEO-Bus Mgr VP Sales Sales Mgr Sales- person CSR CSR Mgr Mktg Prof Sys Admin
prvCreateWorkflowProcessInstance {2B0FC1B1-409A-4e9a-8EDB-0E5A57482078} Local, Deep, Global CREATE Global Deep Local Local Local Local Local Global
prvReadWorkflowProcessInstance {466EFFEB-3AC9-46e9-8429-8A58112DA74B} Local, Deep, Global READ Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Global
prvWriteWorkflowProcessInstance {BB299E0D-F2F9-4664-95E1-9605BFCF544B} Local, Deep, Global WRITE Global Global Local Local Local Local Local Global
prvDeleteWorkflowProcessInstance {FDD603E3-B127-4ab2-8972-992BF6D959B8} Local, Deep, Global DELETE Global Global           Global
prvAppendToWorkflowProcessInstance {AD9F23BD-CC12-4cb5-8D31-7ED8CFF171B0} Local, Deep, Global APPENDTO Global Global           Global


Symbol Description of access level
Global Global
Deep Deep
Local Local
Basic Basic
None None

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