This structure contains the time information for speech recognition. The structure is used by the ISpRecoResult::GetResultTimes method.

  FILETIME ftStreamTime;
  ULONGLONG ullLength;
  DWORD dwTickCount;
  ULONGLONG ullStart;


  • ftStreamTime
    Number of 100-nanosecond units in universal time coordinate (UTC) time from January 1, 1601 to the start of the current result. This number is obtained by calling the Win32 GetSystemTimeAsFileTime function for the result.
  • ullLength
    Length of the phrase, specified in 100-nanosecond units.
  • dwTickCount
    Number of 100-nanosecond units that have elapsed from the start of the system to the start of the current result.
  • ullStart
    Value containing the total 100-nanosecond units from the start of the stream to the start of the phrase.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.1 and later.
Header: Sapi.h, Sapi.idl.

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