Returns the seeking capabilities of the media stream.

HRESULT GetCapabilities(
DWORD * pCapabilities );


  • pCapabilities
    Seeking capability flags, which can be any combination of the following:
  • AM_SEEKING_CanGetCurrentPos
  • AM_SEEKING_CanGetDuration
  • AM_SEEKING_CanGetStopPos
  • AM_SEEKING_CanPlayBackwards
  • AM_SEEKING_CanSeekAbsolute
  • AM_SEEKING_CanSeekBackwards
  • AM_SEEKING_CanSeekForwards

Return Values

Returns the HRESULT value returned from calling IMediaSeeking::GetCapabilities on the connected pin.


This member function implements IMediaSeeking::GetCapabilities by calling the IMediaSeeking::GetCapabilities method on the upstream output pin connected to the peer input pin. The pin that performs the seek operation will return the capabilities present in the pCapabilities parameter. These returned capabilities will then, in turn, propagate to calls made from CPosPassThru::GetCapabilities member functions in intervening filters.

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