Provides an enumerator for media types by retrieving one from downstream.

HRESULT EnumMediaTypes(
IEnumMediaTypes **ppEnum );


  • ppEnum
    [out] Pointer to an enumerator for the media types.

Return Values

Returns NOERROR if successful, VFW_E_NOT_CONNECTED if there is no connection, or an HRESULT that indicates an error with the enumerator, such as E_POINTER or E_OUTOFMEMORY.


This member function overrides the CBasePin::EnumMediaTypes member function and implements the IPin::EnumMediaTypes method. transform-inplace filters use the media type enumerator from adjacent filters because they do not change the media type. When asked by a connected output pin of the upstream filter for this pin's media type enumerator, this member function simply retrieves the allocator from the input pin connected to its output pin (if it is connected).

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