The DDVIDEOPORTSTATUS structure describes the status of a video-port object. This structure is used with the IDDVideoPortContainer::QueryVideoPortStatus method.

typedef struct _DDVIDEOPORTSTATUS {
    DWORD dwSize;        
    BOOL  bInUse;        
    DWORD dwFlags;       
    DWORD dwReserved1;   
    ULONG_PTR dwReserved2; 
    ULONG_PTR dwReserved3; 


  • dwSize
    Size of this structure, in bytes. This member must be initialized before use.

  • bInUse
    Value indicating the current status of the video port. This member is TRUE if the video port is currently being used, and FALSE otherwise.

  • dwFlags

    DDVPSTATUS_VBIONLY The video port interface only controls the VBI portion of the video stream.
    DDVPSTATUS_VIDEOONLY The video port interface only controls the video portion of the video stream.
  • dwReserved1
    Reserved; set to zero.

  • VideoPortType
    A DDVIDEOPORTCONNECT structure that receives information about the video-port connection.

  • dwReserved2 and dwReserved3
    Reserved; set to zero.


Runs on Versions Declared in
Windows CE OS 2.12 or later. Version 2.12 requires DXPAK 1.0 or later. dvp.h

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