Maintains information about each GDI DIB.

typedef struct tagDIBDATA {
LONG        PaletteVersion;
DIBSECTION  DibSection; 
HBITMAP     hBitmap; 
HANDLE      hMapping;
BYTE        *pBase;


  • PaletteVersion
    Current palette version in use.
  • DibSection
    Details of DIB section allocated.
  • hBitmap
    Handle to bitmap for drawing.
  • hMapping
    Handle to shared memory block.
  • pBase
    Pointer to base memory address.


When the allocator creates a sample, it allocates a DIBSECTION to the sample. When a window receives a sample, it can call the Win32 BitBlt function to pass the sample from one device context to another device context. This is a mechanism for the image allocator, an image sample, and the draw class to pass bitmap information to each other.

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