IRecipient Property Methods

These methods are not supported in Windows CE Platform Builder 3.0.

The property methods of the IRecipient interface read the properties described in the following table. For more information, see Interface Property Methods.

Properties in Vtable Order

Property Description
HRESULT get_Address
([out] BSTR *pbstrAddress);
HRESULT put_Address
([in] BSTR bstrAddress);
Returns the E-mail address of the recipient. This property is required and cannot be set to NULL. You can set this property directly or with the Resolve method on the IPOlRecipient interface.

On the desktop Outlook Object Model, this is a read only property and always set with Resolve. Pocket Outlook may not always have access to the Contacts database (for example, if it is only on the server), so this is both read and write.

HRESULT get_Name
([out] BSTR *pbstrName);
Returns the display name of the recipient.

Return Values

Each property method supports the standard HRESULT return values, including S_OK.

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