This structure indicates the name of the user associated with a security context. The QueryContextAttributes function uses this structure.

typedef struct _SecPkgContext_Names {
} SecPkgContext_Names, SEC_FAR * pSecPkgContext_Names;


  • sUserName
    Pointer to a null-terminated string that contains the name of the user represented by the context. If the security package indicates that it understands Win32 names (by setting the SECPKG_FLAG_ACCEPT_WIN32_NAME flag), you can use this name in other Win32 calls.


Runs on Versions Defined in Include Link to
Windows CE OS 2.10 and later Sspi.h    

Note   This API is part of the complete Windows CE OS package as provided by Microsoft. The functionality of a particular platform is determined by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and some devices may not support this API.

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