Player6.ClickToPlay (deprecated)

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This page documents a feature of the Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control. We recommend that you migrate your content to use the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control. For more information about the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control, see the Windows Media Player 9 Series SDK.

This property specifies or retrieves a value indicating whether the user can toggle playback on and off by clicking the video image.



Possible Values

This property is a read/write Boolean containing one of the following values.

Value Description
true Default. Clicking the video image toggles playback.
false Clicking the video image does not toggle playback.


If the value of this property is true, clicking anywhere in the image display window toggles playback. (When a clip is playing, clicking the image pauses playback. When a clip is paused, clicking the image starts playback again.)


Version: Windows Media Player version 6.4.

Library: Use msdxm.ocx.

Platform: Windows 98 Second Edition or higher.

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