Player6.Root (deprecated)

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This page documents a feature of the Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control. We recommend that you migrate your content to use the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control. For more information about the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control, see the Windows Media Player 9 Series SDK.

This property specifies or retrieves a value indicating the directory that contains the DVD volume.



Possible Values

This property is a read/write BSTR.


If you have not set the root directory before calling the TitlePlay method, the first drive starting from C: containing a VIDEO_TS directory in the top level directory will be used as the root.

The current domain must be STOP_DOM when you set this property.


Version: Windows Media Player version 6.4.

Library: Use msdxm.ocx.

Platform: Windows 98 Second Edition or higher.

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