Player6.Warning (deprecated)

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This page documents a feature of the Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control. We recommend that you migrate your content to use the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control. For more information about the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control, see the Windows Media Player 9 Series SDK.

This event occurs when the Windows Media Player control encounters a possible problem.



<SCRIPT FOR="MediaPlayer" 
        EVENT="Warning(lType, lParam, sDescription)" 
    <!-- insert script commands -->


Sub MediaPlayer_Warning(lType, lParam, sDescription)
    <!-- insert script commands -->
End Sub


*  lType*

Long value specifying the type of problem encountered. It can have one of the following possible values.

Value Visual Basic constant Description Parameter
0 nsNoAudioDevice The audio playback device is already in use. Always zero.
1 nsUnknownStreamFormat An unknown stream format was received. The stream number of the invalid stream.
2 nsPlaylistItemFailure A file specified in the playlist cannot be played. The number of the clip in the playlist that failed to play.

*  lParam*

Long value specifying additional information about the warning. Different information is specified for different types of warnings, as listed in the column labeled Parameter in the above table.

*  sDescription*

String value specifying the description of the problem encountered.


This event occurs only if the SendWarningEvents property is true.


Version: Windows Media Player version 6.4.

Library: Use msdxm.ocx.

Platform: Windows 98 Second Edition or higher.

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