IWMDRMProfile Interface

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The IWMDRMProfile interface lets you specify the settings for protecting content using digital rights management (DRM).

First, create an IWMDRMContentAuthor interface to create or specify a DRM profile, which contains the basic settings needed for protecting content. Then use the IWMDRMAttributes interface to work with the attributes from the current DRM profile. Use the IWMDRMProfile interface to specify and retrieve properties for the current DRM profile.

The IWMDRMProfile interface exposes the following properties and method.

Property Description
Attributes Retrieves an IWMDRMAttributes interface so you can work with the DRM attributes.
ContentRevocation Retrieves content revocation information, which is used to revoke licenses for content.
Description Specifies and retrieves the description of the current DRM profile.
ID Retrieves the ID of the current DRM profile.
LicenseAcquisitionURL Specifies and retrieves the URL where licenses are issued by your license provider.
Name Specifies and retrieves a friendly name for the current DRM profile.
ProviderURL Retrieves the URL to the license provider's site.
V1LicenseAcquisitionURL Specifies and retrieves the URL for acquiring version 1 licenses.
Method Description
Update Saves DRM profile settings to the system.

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