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The VideoPeakBitrate property specifies and retrieves the video bit rate in the current audience when using peak VBR mode.


IWMEncAudienceObj.VideoPeakBitrate(iRenderSiteIndex) = Long
Long = IWMEncAudienceObj.VideoPeakBitrate(iRenderSiteIndex)



[in]  Integer containing the audience stream index. Because an audience can only contain one stream of each type, iRenderSiteIndex must be zero.

Property Value

A Long that indicates the peak video bit rate (VBR), in bits per second (bps).


This property is only relevant when the profile is using peak VBR mode for video. You can determine which mode is used with the WMEncProfile2.VBRMode property.

Example Code

' Create a WMEncProfile2 object.
  Dim Pro As WMEncProfile2
  Set Pro = New WMEncProfile2

' Load a custom profile. REPLACE THE FILE NAME.
  Pro.LoadFromFile "C:\Profiles\CustomProfile.prx"

' Create an IWMEncAudienceObj object, selecting the first audience (0)
' in the profile.
  Dim Audnc As IWMEncAudienceObj
  Set Audnc = Pro.Audience(0)

' Retrieve a value indicating the video's peak bit rate.
  Dim lVidPeakBRate As Long
  lVidPeakBRate = Audnc.VideoPeakBitrate(0)


Reference: Windows Media Encoder

Library: wmenc.exe

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