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The WatermarkCollection property retrieves watermark information as an IWMEncWatermarkCollection object.


IWMEncWatermarkCollection = WMEncoder.WatermarkCollection(enumSourceType)



[in]  Specifies a member of the WMENC_SOURCE_TYPE enumeration type. This value can only be WMENC_AUDIO or WMENC_VIDEO.

Property Value

An IWMEncWatermarkCollection object that contains a collection of watermarks.


This property is read-only.

Example Code

' Create a WMEncoder object.
  Dim Encoder As WMEncoder
  Set Encoder = New WMEncoder

' Configure the encoding session, including the sources, output, and
' profile.

' Declare variables and create objects to hold the audio and video
' watermark collections.
  Dim WMCollAud As IWMEncWatermarkCollection
  Dim WMCollVid As IWMEncWatermarkCollection
  Set WMCollAud = Encoder.WatermarkCollection(WMENC_AUDIO)
  Set WMCollVid = Encoder.WatermarkCollection(WMENC_VIDEO)

' Retrieve the number of audio and video watermarks in the registry. 
  Dim lWatercountAud As Long, lWatercountVid As Long
  lWatercountAud = WMCollAud.Count
  lWatercountVid = WMCollVid.Count
' Declare variables for the name of the audio watermark, the name of the
' video watermark, the configuration file, and a placeholder for a CLSID.
  Dim sAudioWatermark As String
  Dim sVideoWatermark As String
  Dim sWatermarkConfig As String
  Dim vWatermarkID As Variant

' Retrieve the name of the first audio watermark in the collection.
  sAudioWatermark = WMCollAud.Item(0, vWatermarkID)

' Retrieve the name of the first video watermark in the collection.
  sVideoWatermark = WMCollVid.Item(0, vWatermarkID)

' Specify the location of the watermark configuration file.

' Set the audio and video watermarks into the WMEncoder object.
  Encoder.SetWatermark WMENC_AUDIO, 0, sAudioWatermark, _
  vWatermarkID, sWatermarkConfig
  Encoder.SetWatermark WMENC_VIDEO, 0, sVideoWatermark, _
  vWatermarkID, sWatermarkConfig


Reference: Windows Media Encoder

Library: wmenc.exe

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