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The Name property specifies and retrieves the name of the source group.


IWMEncSourceGroup.Name = String
String = IWMEncSourceGroup.Name


This property takes no parameters.

Property Value

A String containing the source group name.

Example Code

' Create a WMEncoder object.
Dim Encoder As WMEncoder
Set Encoder = New WMEncoder

' Declare objects and variables.
Dim SrcGrpColl As IWMEncSourceGroupCollection
Dim SrcGrp As IWMEncSourceGroup
Dim SrcAud As IWMEncSource
Dim SrcVid As IWMEncVideoSource
Dim ProColl As IWMEncProfileCollection
Dim Pro As IWMEncProfile
Dim i As Integer
Dim iAudCount As Integer
Dim iVidCount As Integer

' Create an IWMEncSourceGroupCollection object.
Set SrcGrpColl = Encoder.SourceGroupCollection

' Create an IWMEncSourceGroup object.
Set SrcGrp = SrcGrpColl.Add("SG_1")

' Create an audio and a video source object.
Set SrcAud = SrcGrp.AddSource(WMENC_AUDIO)
Set SrcVid = SrcGrp.AddSource(WMENC_VIDEO)

' Specify the .avi source file.
SrcAud.SetInput "C:\filename.avi"
SrcVid.SetInput "C:\filename.avi"

' You can also use the AutoSetFileSource property to
' automatically parse a file and add the source streams
' to the source group.
'    SrcGrp.AutoSetFileSource ("C:\filename.avi")

' Loop through the collection of system profiles to set
' a specific profile into the source group object.

Set ProColl = Encoder.ProfileCollection
For i = 0 To ProColl.Count - 1
    Set Pro = ProColl.Item(i)
    If Pro.Name = "Windows Media Video 8 for Local Area Network (384 Kbps)" Then
        SrcGrp.Profile = Pro
        Exit For
    End If

' Change the name of the source group.
SrcGrp.Name = "Music Only"

' Retrieve the number of audio and video streams
' in the source group.
iAudCount = SrcGrp.SourceCount(WMENC_AUDIO)
iVidCount = SrcGrp.SourceCount(WMENC_VIDEO)

' Remove the video stream. In the current release of the
' Windows Media Encoder SDK, a source group can contain
' at most only one audio, one video, and one script stream.
' You must verify that the count is not 0 before deleting
' the source stream.
If iVidCount <> 0 Then
    SrcGrp.RemoveSource WMENC_VIDEO, 0
End If

' Specify automatic archiving when the source group
' is active.

' Start the encoding process.
SrcGrp.PrepareToEncode True


Reference: Windows Media Encoder

Library: wmenc.exe

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