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TechEd 2011 Video Streams


All Sessions Held in Room B210.

Day/Date Time Session Title Abstract Presenter
Monday, May 16, 2011 1:15-2:30 pm BOF01-ITP Fundamentals of IT Leadership: Making every situation a win-win with your employees and stakeholders Managing technical staff is a real challenge departmentally and across organizations. And at the end of the day, a manager is only as successful as the team he/she surrounds themselves with. In this session we will discuss the significance of IT department as team player, game changer, and heartbeat of operation in most any organization. We will share challenges and best practices in identifying new talent, measuring real technical knowledge, and building an innovative and cutting-edge cohesive service-oriented technology team that rocks.  Andrew West
  3:00-4:15 pm BOF02-ITP Notes from the field: Common pitfalls of early Exchange 2010 deployments Are you planning to deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2010?  If so, join a group of Microsoft Certified Masters as they discuss real world experiences from early and complex deployments. You will learn how to avoid pitfalls that were encountered in environments of all sizes and best practices to help your project succeed. You will learn how to avoid pitfalls that were encountered in environments of all sizes and best practices to help your project succeed.
The BOF session will be focused on much interaction and discussion between the Masters and you
Kay Sellenrode
  4:45-6 BOF03-ITP Lessons from the field: Learn from the experts on building clouds and their effect on your enterprise. Are you a IT service provider or decision maker looking at alternatives to build a private cloud, but haven’t had time to learn all about all the  different possibilities? Are you confused by the several cloud jargons and cloud management stacks and their offerings? Are you already deploying a private cloud – and are ready to discuss your experiences? Join this discussion around how the cloud will affect infrastructure and development within an organization.  Planning strategies and patterns to help IT professionals and developers understand how to their organization leverage cloud computing. Rekha Raghu, Greg Leonardo
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 8:30-9:45 BOF04-ITP PowerShell: Best Practices From The Field PowerShell is here to stay. All of Microsoft's current operating systems and most of their server-based products have deep PowerShell integration, and that trend will continue. Same goes for the hardware and software vendors out there, large and small. You need to be on this train! You need to script! How do you know if you are doing it right? What does that even mean? Can you save time by using tried and tested techniques? You bet! Join the hosts of the popular weekly PowerScripting Podcast and Microsoft's own Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, as well as several superstar PowerShell MVPs for an informative and interactive discussion of PowerShell Best Practices. It's a BOF, so plan to participate! We need your real-world questions, wishlists, and even complaints to make this work! Hal Rottenberg
  1:30-2:45 BOF05-ITP When is Cloud an option? The cost savings and ‘always on’ benefits of cloud services is a viable option for many organizations.  However, it does not work for everyone in all cimcumstances. Join this discussion about when the cloud is or isn't an option and why. Greg Lambert, Dmitry Sotnikov
  3:15-4:30 BOF06-ITP Microsoft Exchange Server High Availability - DAGs and Disaster Recovery Best Practices This discussion will give you an opportunity to hear from others but also to share your best practices on how to respond to the challenges of managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 high availability. How do you design a DAG? Should multiple DAGs be deployed?  Should multiple sites be deployed in an active/active or active/passive configuration?   How should mailbox database copies be distributed amongst DAG members? We will all share our best practices on backup and restore procedures, and also consider ideas around backupless Exchange Organizations by implementing Native Data Protection in Exchange Server 2010 . Vladimir Meloski, Joe Hoegler
  5-6:15 BOF07-ITP Getting published on line or off Ever consider trying to get published? Ever wonder what is involved? If you want to share what you know with others, then you have a number of options ranging from posting in forums to writing a blog, to writing articles, to creating a book. What are the options available? what is the value of one over another? How easy is it to share knowledge? Is it possible to get fame or money as a result? Come discuss what it takes to get published and what can be gained by being published.  Brad Jones
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:30-9:45 BOF08-ITP
Get a better work/life balance through Process Improvement
Frustrated or having to work late because:

-          One or more areas of your work process can be improved

-          Your teammates or manager don’t see the need to improve

-          They see the need but are too busy to improve the way the team works
Is your team ready and anxious to get better but don’t know how?
Do you have Process Improvement experience or ideas?
Join us to share your experiences and learn how you can get process improvement implemented or kicked up a notch in your organization.
D. Omar Villarreal
  10:15-11:30 BOF09-ITP What I should know about eDiscovery and SharePoint SharePoint sites have arguably become the most cost-effective way to share information with dispersed teams. Are you preserving your SharePoint records appropriately and are you prepared to respond adequately to e-discovery requests? Come share your best practices for organizing your SharePoint sites and making information discoverable.  Join this discussion to learn how and what you need to preserve from your SharePoint environment for efficient recovery and litigation readiness.  Martin Tuip, Tom Hand
  1:30-2:45 BOF10-ITP Microsoft Certifications: Today and Tomorrow Are you considering or currently holding a Microsoft Certification? Join us for a conversation on your perceptions of Microsoft Certifications today and help us evolve to tomorrow’s certification products. We’ll share some of our ideas but mostly want to hear from you. Topics could include: difficulty of earning a certification, current value in the market, impact of hiring manager attitudes towards certification, what do certifications mean in this new age of the cloud, what could the community do to increase awareness and improve visibility, what could Microsoft do to improve value overall. Shelby Grieve, Daniel Sörlöv
  3:15-4:30 BOF11-ITP Exchange Unified Messaging UM is a role often left out of the discussion, and when the hard questions do come up, engineers and consultants are often less prepared to answer them compared to other topics such as storage. Many times the Voice mail is handled by the Voice team. Find out what you need to know. So you can ask the right questions of your voice team. Where should I put my UM servers What are the questions I need to ask my Voice Team Design Considerations for Unified Messaging Mitch Roberson
  5-6:15 BOF12-ITP Public vs. Private Cloud This session is intended to encourage discussion on topic which cloud solution is better and why. Should we invest in private cloud and out own supporting staff or should we buy services from some public cloud vendor? Is the solution somewhere in the middle as Microsoft proposes? All kind of discussions are welcome. Marcos Nogueira
Thursday, May 19, 2011 8:30-9:45 BOF13-ITP Challenges in Automation for Microsoft Data Repositories (SQL Server, DPM and SharePoint) Wouldn’t you rather automate repetitive and routine tasks related to data management, so that you can focus on the parts of your job that you find most exciting and enjoyable?  Join this Birds-of-a-Feather open discussion to see how your peers are managing their data infrastructure, how they automate routine tasks, and what they do to monitor and maintain automation.  We’ll discuss infrastructures both big and small, with an emphasis on SQL Server relational database automation but with additional discussions to include Data Protection Manager and SharePoint.  Come learn from other professionals about how and when they apply programming languages, PowerShell scripting, job automation, and scheduling to accomplish many times more work than the work day has time. Kevin Kline     
  10:15-11:30 BOF14-ITP Embedding IT Certifications into Degree Programs The parallel worlds of college IT degrees and IT certifications have converged with many programs now integrating certification exams into their curriculum. Join us to discuss the new Microsoft MTA certifications and how these and other “certs” can enhance college and university programs. Keith E. Kelly, Hakan Karlsson
  1-2:15 BOF15-ITP Exchange 2010 and PSTs - Necessary or Not? IT admins have been dealing with PST files for years.  With Exchange 2010 Online Archive can we finally eliminate PST’s?  Join us to share PST management best practices with your peers.  Possible topics are: Online Archives - A viable replacement? How do you wean end-users from PSTs? Strategies for locating PST Information on the user desktop and relocating to a centralized repository.
Rick Wilson, Dan Langille
  2:45-4 BOF16-ITP Active Directory Change Auditing: Pains and Solutions We love our Active Directory, but let's be honest: Effectively auditing and managing changes and activity can be impractical, painful, or downright impossible depending upon your exact needs. Many of us have had to address the pain due to our organization's management and security requirements. We've implemented do-it-yourself solutions, relied on the native event logs, and tried third-party tools. Join this informal discussion to share the pain, your own experiences, and the solutions you've tried - and how they worked for you. You'll also hear insight from the discussion leader, Don Jones, a Principal Technologist for IT education and analysis firm Concentrated Technology.  Don Jones
  4:30-5:45 BOF17-ITP Advanced Architectures for SharePoint 2010 In this session we will discuss advanced SharePoint architectures with specific highlights on service applications, cross-farm services, multi-tenants, and architecting search for performance. We will examine pain points from the participants in the group and discuss possible strategies to overcome challenges. Shannon Bray