MSDN worldwide sites

The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is Microsoft's essential online resource for developers. If you're interested in learning more about Microsoft solutions in other countries or regions, use the list of links below. 

Country / Region Language Developer site
Argentina Spanish MSDN Argentina
Austria German MSDN Austria
Australia Australian English MSDN Australia
Belgium Dutch MSDN Belgium (Dutch)
Belgium French MSDN Belgium (French)
Bolivia Spanish MSDN Bolivia
Brazil Portuguese MSDN Brazil
Bulgaria Bulgarian MSDN Bulgaria
Canada English MSDN Canada (English)
Canada French MSDN Canada (French)
Chile Spanish MSDN Chile
Colombia Spanish MSDN Colombia
Costa Rica Spanish MSDN Costa Rica
Czech Republic Czech MSDN Czech Republic
Denmark Danish MSDN Denmark
Dominican Republic Spanish MSDN Dominican Republic
Ecuador Spanish MSDN Ecuador
El Salvador Spanish MSDN El Salvador
Finland Finnish MSDN Finland
France French MSDN France
Germany German MSDN Germany
Greece Greek MSDN Greece
Guatemala Spanish MSDN Guatemala
India English MSDN India
Indonesia Indonesian MSDN Indonesia
Ireland English MSDN Ireland
Israel Hebrew MSDN Israel
Italy Italian MSDN Italy
Japan Japanese MSDN Japan
Kazakhstan Russian MSDN Kazakhstan
Korea Korean (Hangul) MSDN Korea
Mexico Spanish MSDN Mexico
Middle East English MSDN Middle East
Netherlands Dutch MSDN Netherlands
New Zealand English MSDN New Zealand
Nicaragua Spanish MSDN Nicaragua
Norway Norwegian MSDN Norway
Panama Spanish MSDN Panama
Paraguay Spanish MSDN Paraguay
People's Republic of China Simplified Chinese MSDN People's Republic of China
Peru Spanish MSDN Peru
Poland Polish MSDN Poland
Portugal Portuguese MSDN Portugal
Puerto Rico Spanish MSDN Puerto Rico
Romania Romanian MSDN Romania
Russia Russian MSDN Russia
Singapore English MSDN Singapore
Slovakia Slovakian MSDN Slovakia
South Africa English MSDN South Africa
Spain Spanish MSDN Spain
Sweden Swedish MSDN Sweden
Switzerland French MSDN Switzerland (French)
Switzerland German MSDN Switzerland (German)
Taiwan Traditional Chinese MSDN Taiwan
Thailand Thai MSDN Thailand
Turkey Turkish MSDN Turkey
Ukraine Ukrainian MSDN Ukraine
United Kingdom English MSDN United Kingdom
United States English MSDN United States
Uruguay Spanish MSDN Uruguay
Venezuela Spanish MSDN Venezuela