IUnityContainer.RegisterType Method (Type, Type, String, LifetimeManager, array<InjectionMember[])

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Register a type mapping with the container, where the created instances will use the given LifetimeManager.

Namespace: Microsoft.Practices.Unity
Assembly: Microsoft.Practices.Unity (in Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll)


Function RegisterType ( _
    from As Type, _
    to As Type, _
    name As String, _
    lifetimeManager As LifetimeManager, _
    ParamArray injectionMembers As InjectionMember() _
) As IUnityContainer
IUnityContainer RegisterType(
    Type from,
    Type to,
    string name,
    LifetimeManager lifetimeManager,
    params InjectionMember[] injectionMembers
IUnityContainer^ RegisterType(
    Type^ from, 
    Type^ to, 
    String^ name, 
    LifetimeManager^ lifetimeManager, 
    ... array<InjectionMember^>^ injectionMembers
function RegisterType(
    from : Type, 
    to : Type, 
    name : String, 
    lifetimeManager : LifetimeManager, 
    ... injectionMembers : InjectionMember[]
) : IUnityContainer


  • name
    Type: System.String
    Name to use for registration, null if a default registration.

Return Value

The UnityContainer object that this method was called on (this in C#, Me in Visual Basic).

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