A Quick Tour of the Partner Portal Application

The Partner Portal application demonstrates solutions to some of the most common situations that SharePoint developers encounter when they build enterprise-scale applications. It includes a collaborative extranet site that partners of Contoso can use to perform a variety of activities, including the following:

  • They can view the Contoso catalog.
  • They can view promotions and other news that is meant specifically for them.
  • They can collaborate with Contoso employees to resolve problems.

The Partner Portal application is a reference implementation. It demonstrates the guidance that is discussed in the documentation and shows aspects of SharePoint development that cannot be captured in smaller code samples. It is intentionally incomplete. You can use it as the basis for your own solutions.

The following topic, The Business Scenario, describes the business scenario that motivated the development of the Partner Portal application. It explains how the application uses SharePoint and the guidance to implement the solution. It also demonstrates how SharePoint is an effective platform for developing sites that are meant to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and content management.

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