Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common.Configuration.ContainerModel Namespace

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Class Description
Public class CompositeTypeRegistrationsProviderLocator
A TypeRegistrationsProvider that provides a composite over a collection of individual TypeRegistrationsProviders.
Public class ConfigSectionLocator
A TypeRegistrationsProvider implementation that looks up a provider by looking for the named configuration section in the given IConfigurationSource. If found, tries to cast the config section to ITypeRegistrationsProvider.
Public class ConfigurationBasedTypeRegistrationsProviderFactory
A TypeRegistrationsProvider that can be configured through a TypeRegistrationProviderElement.
Public class ConstantParameterValue
Represents an injected parameter value that can be determined at the time of container configuration.
Public class Container
A static marker class to denote types constructed by the container when registering a TypeRegistration.
Public class ContainerReconfiguringEventArgs
This class is the event arguments received when a container is being reconfigured due to a configuration source change. This class is a collecting argument: new type registrations should be added via the AddTypeRegistrations method.
Public class ContainerResolvedEnumerableParameter
A parameter representing a set of named items to be resolved by the container.
Public class ContainerResolvedParameter
Represents a construction parameter resolved through the container.
Public class InjectedProperty
Represents a property injected in a TypeRegistration.
Public class NullContainerReconfiguringEventSource
An implementation of IContainerReconfiguringEventSource that does nothing. Saves null checking everywhere.
Public class ParameterValue
Represents a strategy to retrieve a value to inject.
Public class ParameterValueVisitor
This class implements the Visitor pattern over the hierarchy of ParameterValue types. This makes it easier for container authors to figure out which type of ParameterValue they're dealing with and centralize processing without manually having to switch on the runtime type.
Public class TypeLoadingLocator
A TypeRegistrationsProvider implementation that loads a type by name, and returns an instance of that type as the provider.
Public class TypeRegistration
Represents a container registration entry as a LambdaExpression and additional metadata.
Public class TypeRegistration<T>
Represents a container registration entry as a LambdaExpression and additional metadata for constructing a specific type.
Public class TypeRegistrationsProvider
This class encapsulates the logic used to find the type registration providers in the current application.


Interface Description
Public interface IContainerConfigurator
Implement this interface to create an object that can read a set of TypeRegistration objects representing the current Enterprise Library configuration and configure a dependency injection container with that information.
Public interface IContainerReconfiguringEventSource
A interface describing objects that raise events when a container's type registrations need to updated due to a configuration source change.
Public interface ITypeRegistrationsProvider
This interface represents an object that can return configuration information used to configure a container to resolve Entlib objects.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration TypeRegistrationLifetime
A set of values indicating what the lifetime of service implementations in the container should be.